Sunday, 20 January 2013

Sarojini Nagar

Hey Girls

I never pass on an opportunity to shop so when my friend from Indore wanted to explore the flea markets in Delhi, being a good friend that I am (and the shopaholic that you know I am) I took her to my favorite flea market of the city – Sarojini Nagar

Sarojini Nagar is one of the famous flea markets in south Delhi. It is where you can find the latest trends at dirt cheap rates. If you are looking for a great bag, a trendy top, sassy shoes or pretty party dress just take the Delhi metro, get down at the INA metro station, take an auto and get ready to shop till you drop.

This market is filled with small shops that basically sell export rejects. So don’t be all surprised if you see names of brands like Zara and Vero Moda on some of the labels. The place is definitely a maze but if you are a regular like me all you need to do is pick a starting spot and decided on one particular route that you will follow and follow the same route all the time. You won’t get lost in the maze, won’t miss your favorite shops and well it will be a peaceful shopping experience.


Talking about shopping, well Sarojini is all about bargaining. Don’t be fooled by the high prices that the shopkeeper’s quote (while buying they pay on weight bases so the more you can bargain the better). Always try to reach the market as early as possible (bonni factor- shopkeeper’s superstition can prove to be your gain) and start bargaining at 50% of whatever the shopkeeper quotes. Also don’t forget to smile while you are at it (flaunt your best smile ladies, no shame…your wallet will thank you later) and if the shopkeeper is a little adamant, say fine I might find it somewhere else and start walking away, 8 out of 10 times, you will be called back and will leave with that thing in your shopping bag at the price you wanted to pay (for the remaining 2 times.. Well bad luck!!!)

As I mentioned the stuff you get there is export reject and they are rejected for a reason, so before you buy a particular piece, check it thoroughly. Also, don’t go for the size on the label, check it for yourself.
Make sure you carry a big and spacious shopping bag as the plastic bags they give are very easy to tear and well it becomes a little difficult to carry so many bags after a while. To make your bargaining even easier, carry a lot of change (also comes handy when you are trying to pull “This is how much I have” trick ;)). 

Though predominantly the market was overflowing with winter wear, the graffiti corner of the market had some pretty cute dresses and tops and as I usual I couldn't resist to buy some of them. This is what I bought


 I am gearing up to go again after a few days to check out a few more things to flaunt during the summers.

Do you shop from Sarojini?
Which is your favorite flea market?
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  1. nice haul... I used to hang out with my college friends.. I missed those days..

  2. Thanks Shikha...I guess we all have these college memories associated with these markets :)

  3. Aww...i know what you are taking about...i used to do the same..i do go to these places but not as often as I used too
    You should definitely try and visit these markets whenever you find time...:)

  4. i am not staying in Delhi anymore :(

  5. oohhh .. u reminded me of old days .. i used to shop a lott from sarojini, GK, lajapat nagar and janpat. miss those days .. :(

  6. Priyanka BanerjeeFriday, 08 March, 2013

    I love Sarojini! Nice buys :)

  7. Thanks Priyanka...sarojini is a college girls doubt you love it :)

  8. Nice stuff you have got.:)
    I have not been there for the past 2 months. but kind of recognize every shop. lol..

  9. Thanks Niesha...
    ya these shops are really old... and some of them are my favorites too..I go to sarojini so often that some of the shopkeepers have started recognizing me..:P

  10. I love Sarojini too now... Like your shirt a lot... :)

  11. Thanks Neha...:)

  12. yes sarojni is heaven for shopoholics..i love it



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